Volunteer In Siem Reap

Volunteering in Siem Reap!

Welcome to Education Centre for Community

Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer in Siem Reap that really help make a difference then this project is for you!

Are you looking to give something back and want to volunteer in Siem Reap?

Welcome to ECC (Education Centre for Community). Located 5.5km outside Siem Reap city, Cambodia. At ECC volunteer school we provide free education to around 50 students from the local village of Po in Siem Reap Province and we also support the local government elementary and high schools by providing English classes to students between the ages of 5 - 17 years old.

If you are looking to volunteer in Cambodia in one of these roles please feel free to contact us.

  • Administration
  • English Teachers
  • Construction Projects
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fund Raising

Your Volunteer Experience

During your stay in Cambodia you will experience life in the heart of a local village where you will be able to indulge yourself with the local traditions. We ask for around 24 hours per week which will give you lots of free time to explore the area. Siem Reap has lots of attractions including the famous temples of Angkor Wat, the floating village, Kulen mountain as well as many others.

Watch the video and see what other volunteers think about our opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia.

Volunteering In Siem Reap

At ECC we pride ourselves on being a 100% volunteer run project. Without you, the volunteers, none of this would be possible.

As a new volunteer in Cambodia you will be paired with another volunteer with experience for classes and government text books will be provided for you to follow the countries curriculum along with flashcards and other pre-planned activities. Our previous volunteers have put a lot of thought into helping the next generation of volunteers easily integrate into our project so it doesn't get overwhelming. We want your volunteer teaching experience to be a memory that will last a lifetime.

ECC (Education Centre for Community) is a non government organisation, located in a suburb of Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia, created by Savon and Savuth in 2014. The main goal of ECC is to improve future prospects,  enabling students to escape the vicious cycle of poverty that is so prevalent in Cambodia.

To achieve this, ECC offers free education to everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion or political tendency.

Volunteer Teaching in Siem Reap

What Our Volunteers Say!

Savon is an amazing host wants to make sure all the guests are happy and have enough food all the time makes you feel at home. The teaching is a great experience we did it for three weeks and learnt a lot about the kids and culture and now we want to teach more. they appreciate the help but I would say at least 2-3 weeks is needed to make a proper difference and so the kids have same faces for a bit longer. this is a great experience to give back to the community! would recommend, thank you!

Erin and Jacob - United Kingdom Volunteer Workaway

I had the best time at the school teaching primary and secondary. Savon was extremely helpful during my stay and coordinated things for myself and the other volunteers. I will definitely be back if given the chance to go back to Cambodia!

Rachel - United States Volunteer Workaway

The two weeks I spent here and the local school are memories I'll hold on to forever. The kids are amazing, so thoughtful and happy to learn! Savuth and Savon are great hosts and I felt well looked after. Hopefully one day I'll be able to come back and volunteer again, until next time ❤️

Grace - United Kingdom Volunteer Workaway

My experience in ECC has been absolutely amazing. Children are lovely and it's so good to see their improvements every day. food is super good and the house, shared with Savon and other volunteers, is the perfect place to spend some weeks in Cambodia. I am so grateful to ECC family for what they do and the passion and effort they put in helping the local community. You teach some hours per day and you also have the opportunity to see attractions nearby. At ECC you can have a full immersion in Cambodian culture and life.
I would definitely come back one day if I could.❤️

Arianna - Italy Volunteer Worldpackers

This was such a special experience for me! This was my first worldpackers experience and it was incredible! Savon took very good care of me and other volunteers. I was very sad to leave the kids at the end they made me so happy and I will my babies so much! The village and all the locals are very special people and I enjoyed getting to know different people. The proximity to town is an easy, cheap tuk tuk ride, it isn’t too isolated! I highly recommend!

Christine - South Africa Volunteer Worldpackers

Now my experience as a volunteer teacher is coming to an end. These three weeks have been a happy chapter in my life. I loved the students and their teachers. They were very receptive and welcoming. Savon and Savuth are always there to meet our needs. This is a nice space where you can meet lovely volunteer teachers coming from different countries

Saida - Tunisia Volunteer Workaway

ECC is an officially registered NGO and was founded on the 10th of February 2014 at the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia.

(Registration Number 420)