ECC School English

English Class

ECC School offers free English classes at its location and provides volunteer English teachers to 2 local schools Siem Reap Province.

Our primary campus is the ECC School campus, where the volunteers are fortunate enough to be able to offer a personalized education to over 100 students. There are 18 classes offered at ECC, divided into 10 levels that follow an ESL curriculum, based on the UK ESL curriculum. The curriculum has been adapted to support future education and career paths in Cambodia with all vocabulary being relevant to Cambodia.

Upon arriving at the school, future students (and/or their parents) have an informal discussion with the Teaching Co-Ordinator to determine their goals for studying English. A formal assessment of prior learning is then conducted and a decision is made with the student on the best class(es) for them. Our classes range from Kindergarten/Creche/Preschool to Adult classes, with a focus on job skills for our adult and older teen students.

The local public school partnered with ECC in September 2016, allowing ECC to teach 6 English classes a day at the primary school. Each class has 40-50 students, aged 7-14, who follow a curriculum designed by a qualified native English teacher. 75% of students in Cambodia will leave school by the age 14 to seek employment. As such, the curriculum is designed to ensure that all students graduate public school with the vocabulary and grammar to gain employment in tourism and hospitality.

Our third campus is a partnership with another local elementary school in the local village offering the same principles values we have grown from.