Education Centre For Community

Who We Are

ECC (Education Centre for Community) is an organisation, which is established to develop, support and promote education in a better way, to children and youths, in rural and remote communities, regardless of their social status, enhancing their standard of living.

ECC believes that every child deserves the right to build their identity in a safe environment, free from prejudice and discrimination of any kind.


Our Mission Statement

  1. To improve child and youth education, from all walks of life, in our targeted communities.
  2. To encourage their development through education and increase their self confidence.
  3. To create a place a place where individuals are motivated to become the best version of themselves and confident enough to take charge of their own future.
  4. To offer computer skills and language training for everyone.
  5. To work with the local community on key environmental issues and promote eco tourism in local communities as a means of income to ease poverty.
  6. To promote cultural learning through conversations with local communities. Introducing small scale agriculture projects and handicraft skills workshops, to preserve Cambodian heritage.