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Computer Classes

NOTICE - Schools in Cambodia only reopened after Covid in January 2023 and for now we are only teaching English. We hope to start the computer classes again after the New Year.

Anthony is our IT guru and helped us from the beginning by providing us with a website and an online presence. With his previous experience working with NGO's, we were able to implement a structure that helped us to grow.  ECC began offering daily computer classes in January, 2017 to some of our most dedicated students. As these students hope to become doctors, lawyers, teachers and NGO workers, it is imperative that they become familiar with the world of ICT.
The students are currently offered the opportunity to learn basic computer skills, such as Excel, Word, typing (in English and Khmer), PowerPoint and to become familiar with the world of technology.

The first stage of the ICT curriculum focuses on skills needed for further education and high level jobs. Students use Word to learn resume writing, practice typing as a way to write essays more quickly and use Excel as a means of collating information for financial records. Lessons can also include job interviews, writing a CV or creating a presentation using PowerPoint.

Before coming to ECC School, these students had never seen or touched a computer. Within two short months, they have learnt to type, produce spreadsheets and organise their ideas into PowerPoint presentations.

Our next goal is to introduce our students to the internet in a safe manner. All our computers have very strict parental controls and students have been briefed on appropriate use of the internet. Students use Google Translate and are taught how to use Google to research topics of their interest (most recently: France, maps of the world, the Great Barrier Reef and hamburgers!). They are also allowed to watch YouTube videos under the supervision of a teacher. When the students are older, they will be introduced to email and social media as a platform for sharing ideas, networking and supporting their careers.

In the future, we plan to introduce students to coding, graphic design and research skills to broaden their job opportunities and enhance their ability to source knowledge.

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